Maintaining your roof windows: Amazing tips to expand their lifespan

Maintaining your roof windows: Amazing tips to expand their lifespan

Maintaining your roof windows is the key to expanding their lifespan and keeping their performance stable all the time. Most homeowners tend to overlook roof windows when they perform routine maintenance for their home, and while this is understandable, it can actually shorten the lifespan of the window and hamper their effectiveness in letting in sunlight and regulating the room’s temperature. 

It is actually not that difficult to keep your roof windows clean and well-maintained. This short article will include everything you need to know about roof windows maintenance.

Making the most out of your roof windows: A how-to guide

With the right maintenance steps, you could actually make your roof windows last a lot longer than they normally do. Furthermore, performing maintenance steps will keep their performance stable and will ensure that functions such as anti-UV glazing layers will work as intended. Don’t worry, you are not looking at a daily or weekly maintenance schedule. In fact, it is good enough that you perform these tasks about once or twice a year.

Here are the common tasks you could do when you perform roof windows maintenance:

  • Cleaning out condensation: Condensation is a common issue for roof windows. Heavy downfalls will leave deposits of water on the windowpane. Over time, this condensation of water might leak down to the floor below through cracks, which can be quite annoying. That is why you should deal with condensation every once in a while to ensure that leaks will not happen.
  • Cleaning the air filter: Most roof windows will have an air filter to alleviate the consequences of air pollution. As a result, these air filters are often laden with dust. Removing the excess dust will make sure that they are healthy and are able to keep up the good work for years to come.
  • Cleaning the flashing: The flashing is a thin piece of metal that is used to lead rainwater away from the windows. Your roof windows flashing plays an important role in preventing excess moisture from damaging your windows, so you should definitely clear any debris that is blocking the water drainage path. In colder months, you might have to remove ice and snow as well. 

Roof windows cleaning tips

Some roof windows come with a self-cleaning glazing layer, so you don’t have to worry much about cleaning the glass itself. However, since most homeowners use roof windows that do not incorporate self-cleaning capability, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • Always keep the glass stable by rotating the sash and bolting the window
  • Try to avoid abrasive sponges
  • Avoid cleaning products that contain chemicals. Soapy water should do just fine
  • Remove metal pieces that could leave a scratch mark on the glass
  • It is advisable to ask experts whether the glazing layer requires special cleaning products

Regular maintenance and cleaning are the keys to expanding your roof windows’ lifespan and maintaining their performance. With the right steps, your roof windows could remain reliable for even years to come in the future!