Different types of roof windows and how to choose them...

Different types of roof windows and how to choose them...

Are you having problems with letting natural light into your living space? Whenever possible, you should definitely let in as much natural light as possible, as it does not provide ample lighting for your rooms but will also rejuvenate your energy after a long and hard week and boost your sleep quality.

Roof windows will be the perfect choice for you! Conventional windows might cost cheaper and are easier to install, but they can bring nowhere near the amount of light roof windows can bring. Furthermore, roof windows will distribute the light more evenly throughout the room, allowing everyone to enjoy it.

Understandably, you might feel a bit overwhelmed when you are choosing the right roof windows, as there are so many types on the market. This article will help you choose the right roof window for your home.

Different types of roof windows

Roof windows can be categorized by different properties. Two of the most prominent ways to categorize them are by appearances and by the opening mechanism.

By appearances

Roof windows are available in different styles and designs. While the differences are mostly aesthetic, sometimes different designs could lead to differences in performance as well. Here are the most common styles of roof windows.

  • Flat glass windows: The most basic and most common type of roof windows. This type of flat roof window consists of a flat glass window with a frame. These windows are highly energy-efficient and reasonably-priced, making them the perfect choice for most homeowners. 
  • Domed glass windows: Domed glass windows share the same design as flat glass windows, albeit with a big twist: the glass windows themselves are domed in design instead of flat. The windows are also fitted with an extra layer of glass, adding extra strength to the insulation. 
  • Lantern glass windows: Lantern glass windows are a new design that looks just like a lantern. They consist of four glazed glass panels which meet in a line in the middle of the windows. This design will help to create an impression that your room is much bigger than it is in reality.

By opening mechanisms

Different flat glass windows will have different opening mechanisms. Usually, they fall into three categories.

  • Fixed: These roof windows cannot be opened and they will remain fixed after installation. This will affect ventilation, but if you have already had a good flow of fresh air to your room then this option will save you a lot of costs.
  • Manual: Manual roof windows can be opened, but you will have to open them by hand or by an opening rod.
  • Electric: Electric roof windows offer complete automation when it comes to opening the windows. However, these windows are often the most expensive around.

With so many often on the field, how do you choose the perfect roof window for your home? You will have to list out the things you expect out of your roof window first, and then contact experts so that they can help you make the right choice. If you need our assistance in choosing the right roof window, don’t hesitate to contact us now!